Where Question Mark Finds Answers

Welcome to the Question Mark Public Library, which, for over a hundred years, has been helping the people of Question Mark, Ohio find what they are looking for. Our job is to aid those in search of something, even if they don't know what it is they're looking for. Sometimes we find it and sometimes simply the things we learn by looking is enough.

Our breathtaking reading room in our original wing.

Join in the fun in our newly-renovated childrens room.

Happening at the Library

Loss Support Group, Every Thursday 7pm

Story Time, Every Friday 10am

What We Believe

Question Mark Public Library is proud to serve the community of Question Mark by offering an intellectual, inclusive, imaginary space where citizens can engage with questions of identity, culture, meaning, and history.

We believe in the irrepressible power of language.

We believe in reason, dialogue, and conversation, even the most difficult ones.

We believe strongly in science and the scientific method.

We believe the past, present, and future are all of equal importance.

We believe each of us has a story to tell and it is a right to be able to share these stories with dignity.

We believe all humans are fascinating and essentially complicated.

We believe in the power of the imagination to help us connect with others and make each of us whole.

We believe that narrative—whether a book, a film, or even music—can offer us the opportunity to negotiate the difficulties of our world on our own terms.

We librarians all share a love of learning and believe the library can be a place where we try to build a better, more informed, more curious community. At the library, we can try and fail and support one another through experimentation. At the library, we can find space to quiet ourselves and pause to reflect upon our failures and successes in order to continue developing as human beings.