It's the Kids Korner!

At the Question Mark Public Library, we believe that the most important thing for a child is to be a child. The curiosity of a child, their innate desire to learn and understand the world around them, is something to protect. Because asking why and asking how is powerful. And we want children to step into their power.

We take our job as stewards of children's curiosity seriously, and always want to support them in their research and exploration. We also know that children need to have fun and to play and so we have created a welcoming environment in our Children's section. Please stop by and say hello next time you visit.

We Recommend

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

You will never forget this book about imagination, creativity, friendship, and loss. You will be old and you will still think about this story, forever.

Make a World by Ed Emberley

Every complex thing starts with something simple. That's at the heart of this wonderful book that starts with simple shapes that combine to become an entire world.

Moonlight Woods by Astrid Kimani

The journeys we end up on are rarely the ones we set out on, and that is true with this unforgettable tale of a young woman's trek into the woods. You'll always remember the moonlight.

Don't Forget!

Story Time every Friday at 10am in the Children's section. Open to children, those that care for children, and the young at heart. Bring your imagination!

Activity Corner!

Make a Seed Bomb

By George Yakamoto

Senior Researcher at the University of Ohio extension Experimental Crop Station

Seed bombs are a fantastic way to promote plant growth, beautify spaces, and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. And, they're easy to make. Ask your parents for help!

a photograph of a seed bomb hitting the ground
  • Mix 5 parts clay and 3 parts compost or potting soil in a bowl.
  • Add water gradually to achieve a cookie dough consistency.
  • Optionally, add natural dye or food coloring for color.
  • Mix in 1-2 parts seeds until evenly distributed.
  • Roll mixture into small balls.
  • Let dry for 24 hours.
  • Toss seed bombs into desired areas.
  • Choose native/non-invasive seeds for your region.