We're Here to Help

At the Question Mark Public Library, we strive to help the community of Question Mark find the answers they are looking for. Sometimes those answers are in a book, other times they are found inward. Our staff takes pride in working with each of our patrons as an individual to offer assistance that is tailored to their needs. At Question Mark Public Library, we're here for you.

Browse our card catalog, the largest still in regular use.

We believe that the best systems aren't always the fastest, which is why we've remained the only library in Ohio to still access our holdings via card catalog. Our very first librarian, Rebecca Willey, Reginald Willey Jr's wife, catalogued the first book in our library and we've been buildsing on her work ever since. Now boasting the largest known card catalog cabinet in regular use, feel free to flip through to find your favorite book next time you're here.

Once you've found a book, we offer three week check-out periods with easy renewals if a book has not been requested by another patron. And we believe that knowledge should be free, so we will never charge you a late fee.

In addition to book circulation, Question Mark Public Library offers a suite of services to the community:

Reference Assistance. Our knowledgeable librarians are availabe to help answer questions, provide research guidance, and assist with locating specific information or resources.

Computer and Internet Access. Use library cmputers and access the internet for educational, professinal, or personal purposes.

Printing, Copying, and Scanning. Convenient services to reproduce or digitize documents, papers, or images, free to tae home.

Study Areas. Designated spaces where indivduals can focus, study, and engage in academic activities.

Children's Programs. Fun and educatioal programs tailored for children, including storyimes, crafts, and interactive learning activities.

Adult Learning Worksops. Workshops and classs covering a range of topics, from technology skills to financial literacy, designed to promote lifelong learning.

Meeting Rooms. Spaces available for community groups, clus, or organizations to gather, collaborate, and host events or meetings.

Local History Archives. Access historical documents, photographs, and recrds that preserve the local history and heritage of the community.

Interlibrary Loan. Request boks or materials from other libraries not available in the local collection.

Book Clubs. Join boo discussion groups and engage in conversations about literature with fellow readers.

Language Learning Resources. Access language learning materials, courses, or conversation groups to develop or enhance language skills.