Story Time

May 26, 2023

Violet gives a presentation about everything that has disappeared in town at the library. However, no one but Ms. Twombley, the librarian, showed.

With Ms. Twombley's help, Violet is able to locate a copy of the musical composition, Quatuor pour la fin du temps, "Quartet for the End of Time," which seems to be the music she has been hearing. Inside is a note that reads, “Music is the key to opening the shaft of the abyss.” First she tries playing the music at the enormous hole that New Tomorrow Industries is digging and sees a ghostly figure. Then she speaks with Ms. Peterson, the third grade teacher, who says she has been dreaming about the ghost of a British soldier.

Meanwhile Officer Ron Dublowski has been facing his own troubles. Coming back several days late from a CPR class outside of town, Ron's wife Beth returns but tells Ron she wants a separation. Overcome with grief, Officer Ron drives out to British Soldier Field, where he encounters Violet who has gone there to play Quatuor pour la fin du temps. Instead she plays a Japanese Breakfast song for him and the two begin to feel more hopeful, in spite of all the disappearances.

Finally, Violet gets a clue from Ms. Twombley who remembers a newspaper story about the remains of a British soldier being recovered when the Question Mark video store was being built. Where will this latest clue lead and what strange new mystery might she uncover at Question Mark Video?