Story Time

October 6, 2023

After locating Reginald Willey’s unfinished musical composition, which he wrote as a means to close The Void once and for all, Violet enlists Nanako Yakamoto’s help to complete the song. Before playing the composition, they are joined by archeology student Patsy Elske and several other citizens including Bruno Ellis, Jock Reynolds, Dash Holland, and Ms. Twombley, who all take part in a commemoration of everything that has been lost in town from its earliest beginnings. Once the ceremony concludes, Nanako plays the completed melody, which everyone hopes will save the town from further disappearances.

Later that evening, Violet, Iris, and Nanako discover the song has had the opposite effect: The Void is now fully visible and does not go away. Violet calls Officer Ron for help. Once he arrives, he makes the critical decision to inform the rest of the town.

Within two days, ever-enterprising Mayor Zisk launches Visit The Void, turning the odd phenomenon into a money-making tourist attraction. Violet and Iris are shocked to find out the ploy actually works, as long lines of visitors come to town to visit the strange anomaly.

One day later, terror strikes the town as the Greenberg Yarn factory explodes and the sinkhole reopens, twice as large as before. Violet rides to the scene and sees a message from the Order of the Arranger, wondering how this fits into their plan of unleashing an otherworldly being intent on bringing about a new dark age.

Elsewhere, Officer Ron and Holly Peterson continue their search for the disappearing tree. While on duty, Ron witnesses an entire factory, complete with smokestacks, appear and then disappear and wonders what its connection to the odd tree might be.

While staring at the rubble of the yarn factory, Violet receives a phone call from Quentin Quinn in code, warning her that something terrible is coming and suggesting she speak to William Higgland Jr., owner of the video store and a former Order of the Arranger member. What devious scheme will Violet uncover?