Story Time

October 13, 2023

After following the message from Quentin Quinn, the missing boy, Violet seeks out William Higgland Jr. and learns of the Order of the Arranger’s plans. Violet discovers a post complete with a map that seems to suggest that the Order intends to perform a ritual in order to release the Arranger, a ritual which may or may not include murder.

Violet looks for further clues and is attacked by three members of the cult. Q-eey, the floating purple light, saves her at the last moment. The next day Violet returns to thank the strange creature for its help and Dr. George Yakamoto from the Experimental Crop Station uses the opportunity to trap Q-eey and return it to the laboratory from where it escaped.

The next day, Violet is researching the crop station at the library when Ms. Twombley realizes she is going into premature labor and asks for Violet’s help. Driving her to the nearby town of Marietta, Violet is one of the first to receive the good news of Winnifred Twombley’s birth.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron continues to investigate the Order of the Arranger on his own, following several new arrivals in town, but without much luck. His relationship with Holly Peterson grows even closer as she shares with him several disturbing dreams she has had about a group of children trapped inside of a mountain. She tells him that she believes one of the reasons she’s come to town is to help these lost children move on.

Finally, with Professor Bright and Iris’ help, Violet finds the Order’s secret meeting place at the Question Mark Motel. There, in room 0, the trio uncovers several photographs, including one of Professor Bright and one of Violet, and a coded message, which suggest the ritual will take place on Saturday, October 14th, the day of the eclipse. Violet decodes the phrase “blood of the child” and worries it may refer to Winnifred Twombley or even herself. That evening, she is visited by the specter of Bill Twombley, who asks her to please watch over the child. But will Violet be able to keep the Order from completing their despicable task?