Story Time

October 20, 2023

As the [solar eclipse unfolds above them, Violet and Iris learn a body has been discovered in the Question Mark Woods. A police report and announcement from Mayor Elizabeth Zisk confirm that car wash owner and town council member, Tom Childs, has been murdered. Due to his vacancy on the council, a special election is scheduled for November 7th.

Violet seeks out William Higgland, a former Order of the Arranger member, and learns that the next step in the cult’s plans is to seat the Seven Lords, whatever that might mean. Rushing to get answers from Professor Bright, Violet finds he has been attacked by the Order, after learning of their intention to fill the town council vacancy with one of their own members.

Owen Brandt, the conservative QM HS Assistant principal, immediately announces his intention to run and is soon followed by Gerald Ames, the mild-mannered librarian assistant, each with their own clashing visions for the town and its future.

Meanwhile, Officer Ron Dublowski and Ms. Holly Peterson look for answers regarding the increasingly strange dreams she is having. After one such incident, Holly reveals a burn on her wrist. Ron attempts to comfort her. Later, while watching an episode of The Green Fog, Ron wonders about the nature of ghosts in a conversation with his son, Gary, who suggests these supernatural beings might only be individuals trapped in time. Upon seeing ex-con Judah Towns, Ron decides to try to help the young man move forward from his own troubled past.

As Violet struggles to understand the Order the Arranger’s next steps, Ms. Twombley, the town librarian, asks Violet to watch baby Winnifred, warning Violet not to take her eyes off the baby. When Violet’s back is turned, the baby seems to disappear and then reappear. Violet finds a small piece of fabric in Winnifred’s hand, which immediately turns to dust. How might the baby’s strange condition fit into the ongoing disappearances and reappearances the town is now facing?