Story Time

June 23, 2023

Finally solving the coded message from the suspicious workers at Mr. Freeze-E’s, Violet is heartbroken to learn that the body of one of the missing cats in town has been discovered dead and missing its head. Although it is not Mr. Business, it’s soon revealed the cat belongs to Department Streets and Sanitation worker, Bruno Ellis. Together, Violet and Bruno confront the suspected cult member who claims not to have been involved in the cat’s demise, although he warns of something frightening living out in the woods.

At Question Mark Foods, Officer Ron runs into his estranged wife, Beth, and the two have a much-overdue conversation about the struggles they face in their marriage.

On Thursday, Violet discovers the two strange workers from Mr. Freeze-E have quietly disappeared and that Tanner Pratt, elderly citizen, has offered a warning about the future of the town in his recent presentation. Finally, while doing research at the library, Violet makes the joyous discovery that Ms. Twombley is pregnant.