Story Time

September 1, 2023

After discovering a strange circular white light in the woods, Violet leaves Question Mark to visit her grandmother in Cleveland. Returning after three weeks, she considers the series of strange disappearances that have affected the town and is disappointed to discover Mr. Business and Quentin Quinn are both still missing. She also learns that the FBI has largely given up on the case.

Beginning her final year of high school, Violet notices her French teacher, Mr. Lefebvre, seems much more amiable and spots a mysterious love letter on his desk. After learning her best friend Nanako is leaving town to go to a music conservatory on the East coast, Violet decides to turn her full attention to finding the truth about the town’s disappearances. While visiting Gary Dublowski, she receives another message from Quentin Quinn, describing a town of missing things. Could this be the clue she’s been waiting for?

Meanwhile, Town Librarian Greta Twombley discovers that pages are missing from a book in the Reginald Willey Archive, and a code has been left in their place. Ms. Twombley is also having trouble with her pregnancy. The baby seems to disappear and reappear within her.

Finally, returning from a three week suspension for posting police business on social media, Ron Dublowski rejoins the Question Mark Police Department determined to be a new Ron and to let his feelings for Ms. Holly Peterson be known. Unfortunately, due to his lack of confidence and several calls to the police department for missing keys, Ron is unable to truly reinvent himself. What major event will it take for Ron to become the person he’s always been meant to be?